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Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training: Sport specific training is a means of simulating a movement or exercise in the gym with the intention of it transferring to the playing field, whatever field that may be. There is also a protocol of lifting fast to become fast, using low repetitions to bulk up, and performing explosive movements to become explosive.

We add a particular sport-specific action, such as jumping, sprinting, or change of direction, directly after lifting to help improve performance (such as power cleans followed by hurdle jumps or sprints). We focus on lifts that are multi-joint, multi-planar, double-leg and single-leg supported, because these are the types of actions the athlete will come across during the game.

We implement a safe, efficient, and effective full-body strength program two to three times per week. We have them work on all the major muscle groups and include exercises specific to strengthening. We use a high level of effort with controlled movement which include 7-10 exercises per workout and have them move quickly between exercises.
Additional conditioning work is optional when the athlete is strength training intensely a couple times per week and practicing his or her sport. Conditioning, if needed and included, is broken out in a structured manner. As over conditioning an athlete can lead to injuries and burnout quite quickly.
Practice, practice, practice, but we make sure the athlete is practicing properly.
We have them become a student of the sport. Making sure they watch other athletes on all levels so they can learn more about the game and particular situations, so they can further their understanding of the sport.
We have our athletes work on their auditory and visual skills. Being able to watch plays unfold and communicate improves their skill set and effectiveness tremendously.

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