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The Relation Between Sciatica and Thigh Pain

Sciatica is a frequent diagnosis among the general population of individuals who report low back pain as well as pain and discomfort along their buttocks, thighs, and legs. While these set of symptoms are the most prevalent cause for painful symptoms in the thighs of athletes and others alike, thigh pain can also be attributed to other factors and causes. As a matter of fact, injury or complications affecting the tensor fascia latae muscle found within the thigh has been known to cause issues among the population.


The tensor fascia latae, or TFL, is a well-known hip muscle among healthcare professionals and rehabilitation specialists. Because of its function, this muscle may be responsible for pain and dysfunction in the lower extremities, pelvis and spine. Research studies conclude however, that this muscle is poorly understood and needs further examination. Furthermore, the majority of research which has been already conducted have in fact simplified the accurate anatomy of, not only the TFL, but also its anatomical relationship to the iliotibial band, or ITB.


The TFL, or tensor fascia latae, is a complex muscle which is intricately arrangement anatomically with the ITB, or iliotibial band, and it performs various essential functions, such as allowing hip mobility as well as transmitting fascial tension through the fascia latae located in the thigh and the iliotibial band. The TFL also provides postural support during one-legged stance and limits the tensile stress on the femur caused by the combination of bodyweight, ground reaction force and how these create individual bending forces against the femur.

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The symptoms of sciatica can manifest as a result of a variety of injuries and/or conditions, commonly described as low back pain that extends down the buttocks and thighs. Although sciatica can be a common symptom, thigh pain may be the result of another complication. The tensor fasciae latae muscle may become injured, causing thigh pain similar to sciatica. For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at (915) 850-0900.

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