Healthy Foods

Healthy Food: Food that is low in fat and saturated fat and contains limited amounts of cholesterol and sodium. If it is a single-item food, it must also provide at least 10 percent of one or more of vitamins A or C, iron, calcium, protein, or fiber. Healthy Food should be beneficial to human health, and a healthy diet is required for human nutrition. Foods marketed as healthy may be natural, organic, whole, and sometimes vegetarian or dietary supplements.

Exempt from this 10-percent rule are certain raw, canned, frozen fruits and vegetables and certain cereal-grain products. These foods can be labeled healthy if they do not contain ingredients that change the nutritional profile, and, in the case of enriched grain products, conform to standards of identity, which call for certain required elements.

I Suppose a meal-type product, such as frozen entrees and multi-course frozen dinners; in that case, it must provide 10 percent of two or three of these vitamins or minerals or of protein or fiber, in addition to meeting the other criteria. The sodium content cannot exceed 360 mg per serving for individual foods and 480 mg per serving for meal-type products.

These are the criteria of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

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