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Managing Posterolateral Corner Injuries: Treatment Options

July 23, 2024

Individuals who have sustained trauma to the knee area from work, physical activity, or a motor vehicle collision can experience significant pain and mobility impairment. Can physical therapy help heal… Read More

Restoring Upper Back and Neck Health: Levator Scapulae Muscles

July 22, 2024

The levator scapulae muscles could be overstretched for individuals experiencing upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. Can physical therapies help relieve pain and retrain the muscles to function properly? Levator… Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Piriformis Syndrome

July 19, 2024

For individuals experiencing piriformis syndrome. Can knowing the causes and what it feels like help in diagnosis and treatment? Managing Piriformis Syndrome Piriformis syndrome is where spasms occur in the… Read More

Dealing with Lower Back Pain: Insights into Annular Fissure

July 18, 2024

An annular fissure is caused by age-related changes to the spine, which often do not cause symptoms but can cause back pain. Can understanding the causes help individuals manage lower… Read More

The Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass for Cooking and Health

July 17, 2024

Can incorporating lemongrass into a diet help individuals manage anxiety, colds, fever, inflammation, and insomnia? Lemongrass Lemongrass, or lemongrass or citronella, is a tall grass-like herb commonly used in Southeast… Read More

Improving Quality of Life with Neurological Physical Therapy

July 16, 2024

Can neurological physical therapy help individuals diagnosed with a recently acquired or chronic neurological condition gain strength and functioning? Neurological Physical Therapy Neurological physical therapy can be extremely beneficial. It… Read More

Sun Exposure and Lupus: Tips for Protection and Prevention

July 15, 2024

Individuals with the autoimmune disease lupus may be more sensitive to sun exposure. Are there ways to help protect the skin? Lupus Sun Exposure Lupus is an autoimmune disease in… Read More

Walking to Burn Fat: Tips for Effective Walking

July 12, 2024

Can incorporating walking help accomplish health goals for individuals trying to burn fat? Walking To Burn Calories and Fat Walking has many wonderful benefits that include: Improving fitness Strengthening bones… Read More

Managing Pain through Mindful Posture Correction

July 11, 2024

For individuals who are feeling back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, can using postural techniques help decrease pain and develop strategies to maintain correct posture? Maintaining Correct Posture Exercise… Read More

The Science Behind Voluntary Muscles and Movement

July 10, 2024

Skeletal muscles attached to the arms, legs, neck, back, and trunk bones are voluntary and consciously controlled. Weakness or inability to control these muscles can signal a health issue like… Read More