Crossfit Injuries

Crossfit Injuries: CrossFit is a form of exercise that incorporates rapid and successive high-intensity, ballistic movements and has become a popular fitness option. People who participate in this type of training begin to develop tightness in their muscles and joints more quickly than in other sports. This makes them high risk for injury. And, as with any fitness regiment and despite doing everything a trainer tells you to do and doing it correctly; injuries can and do occur. Chiropractic treatment gives these participants and their musculoskeletal system the ability to release stress quickly and recover quickly in order to perform. Injury rates with CrossFit training look to be similar to those reported for various sports i.e. weightlifting, powerlifting and gymnastics. The injuries that are commonly reported are spine and shoulder injuries. Participants in training that receive chiropractic treatment before and after training sessions have better results when it comes to injuries, as chiropractic analysis can discover underlying issues. A doctor of chiropractic can explain to athletes what CrossFit exercises to modify or steer clear of. Plus with a chiropractor, exercises can be customized to help correct dysfunctional movements for optimal performance. For Answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at 915-850-0900


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