Fitness at PUSH-as-Rx ®™ is leading the field with laser focus supporting our youth sports programs.  The PUSH-as-Rx ®™ System is a sport-specific athletic program designed by a strength-agility coach and physiology doctor with a combined 40 years of experience working with extreme athletes. The program is the multidisciplinary study of reactive agility, body mechanics, and extreme motion dynamics at its core. A clear quantitative picture of body dynamics emerges through continuous and detailed assessments of the athletes in motion and under directly supervised stress loads. Exposure to the biomechanical vulnerabilities is presented to our team.  Immediately, we adjust our methods for our athletes to optimize performance.  This highly adaptive system with continual dynamic adjustments has helped many athletes become faster, stronger, and ready post injury while safely minimizing recovery times. Results demonstrate clear improved agility, speed, decreased reaction time with greatly improved postural-torque mechanics.  PUSH-as-Rx ®™ offers specialized extreme performance enhancements to our athletes no matter the age.

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